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Issues and deadlines 2020

March 12th, May 28th, September 17th, November 27th
R - Regnskap, Rådgivning & Revisjon
June 11th and December 3rd
February 13th, May 14th, September 24th, November 26th

Place order: 14 days before publishing day Material: 10 days before publishing day

• High engagement
• Long reading time

Sending material

Format: High-resolution PDF.
Resolution: 200 dpi (paper) 300 dpi (magazine) Mail: annonse@finansavisen.no
Nada: Nada Express (nada.no)
Materials must be marked with advertiser’s name and date of publishing.
Contact annonse@finansavisen.no for correct color profiles.


Note that all magazine ads have to include a 5mm bleed.

A bleed ad is an ad that leaves no margin and the ad extends all the way to the edge of the page on at least one side. It could be a solid coloured background, a picture, a box, line or other elements that extend to the edge of the page.

To make this happen the ad need to be bigger than the actual format of the page. That way the ad will not be affected when the pages are cut.

The normal process is to add 5mm on all the edges of the ad. Therefore it is important to remember to print the ad on a format lager than the net format when printing to PDF.

By export from i.e. InDesign og Illustrator it is sufficient tomake a mark of the bleed and crop.

The PDF file will automatically be larger than the original file to ensure the bleed is included. It is also important to note that all text, logos etc. is kept well away from the bleed area, to be sure it is not cut.

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